Quick Charge with One Plus 3T

My wife should be getting here new OnePlus 3T next week and wanted to know if any of you have a OP 3T and your experience with the quick charge portable batteries.

OP3T has a proprietary power design. It would default to the common standard of 5V 2A so you’d not gain anything above from a regular Powercore with 2A+ design. A 2.1A or 2.4A output (to allow for cable losses) would be your target. Also remember that using a phone causes thermal issues for the DC-DC 5V-3.7V duck converter of recharging so when using a phone it will tend to throttle its recharging. That was the whole point of DASH, its probably outputting 3.7V DC if it senses its connecting to the OP3T so the heat is kept in the external brick.

One Plus 3T has this thing all DASH CHARGE, which is reviewed to be one of the fastest charging technologies on any phone! You should have outstanding recharge times, and therefore making charging your phone more of a convenience than a hassle.