Quick Charge Input (PowerBank)?

I don’t know if Anker has made one yet but does anyone know if they made a PowerBank that has an input which has Quick Charge support so it charges it faster and maybe 2 QuickCharge inputs? Surely that would decrease the charging time to only a few hours depending on the size of course. Bet people would also love that.
If there isn’t do you think Anker is already working on it? Because I would love to get one of them.

Anker has made QC recharge powerbanks for some time.

Some examples, these are the only two I could find in a quick scan, these have QC input.


They have other products which are QC output but not QC input, I obviously don’t refer to.


Thank you so much, I’ve been looking for one. Gonna buy the 10000+mah first and try it out. Cheers.

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I believe that this charger will be able to charge your phone around 3 times!:thumbsup:

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There is often an ask to get faster charging in smaller sizes but Lithium heats up with charging so there is balancing act of safety and speed. In general you accomplish speed with using more cells hence a physically larger bank.

Discharge Watts can be higher then recharge Watts so why you usually see about double the output to input.

2-3. About 3000mah phone batteries are common but these are different voltage hence different Watt-hour. As a crude yardstick use 2/3rds the division of mAh. E.g 10000/3000/3*2= 2.2

You have typical 3.7V inside the Powercore, it is stepped up to 5V hence the 10000@3.7V becomes 7400@5V, then the phone steps down to 4.2V, there are losses in the steps up down and the sockets and cable usually losing 20%. So a simple division of mAh is not valid. Division of Wh is better but you struggle to know that.

I often see negative Amazon feedback due to this lack of knowledge and it’s not Anker design fault but due to everyone quoting mAh when Wh should be our unit.

This explains it deeper:


Thank you for your deep response!

They just released another one today. Also, their USB-C ones (especially PD) recharge faster and the PowerCore 26800 has dual inputs.

It says Quick Charge but doesn’t say which. Probably QC3, but was wondering if the cause of the wait was it was QC4?

I think the wait was for IQ 2

So you see the puzzle. Given its 10000 mAh and given IQ2 is double the speed (I think they said) so why is at slow as 4hr to recharge, if you literally took the Polymer in the Slim 5000 with IQ1.0 and you doubled the cells to two 5000 to make 10000, and have each cell charged from IQ2.0, then it should recharge in 3 hours, not 4 hours.

I was wondering if the fact its 13% larger and 15% heavier was due to it being faster than what it actually is now revealed to be.

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