Quick Charge 5.0 accessories?


sorry if this was already discussed but I did not find any mention on the forum.

Are there plans to release Quick Charge 5.0 accessories - wall chargers, power banks, car chargers?

QC 5.0 is very attractive because it supports both all previous QC standards but also Power Delivery (PD). Besides even faster speeds.

I hope someone from ANKER can comment.


For Anker they’d refer you to IQ3 which is their equivalent of QC5. You’re correct that QC5 is the merger of QC with PD, but so is IQ3.

Anker has a few IQ3 chargers, but not any of IQ3 portable chargers aka powerbank.

Example IQ3 charger

Anker doesn’t have IQ3 portable charger, so you’d seek either a PD or a QC3 depending on your device, for example a 60W PD.

Example car chargers

Personally I don’t see the need to chase QC5, IQ3 is likely good enough and if it fails the excellent customer service will help resolve amicably.


Good reply @professor
@Denislav_Savkov all I can add to this is every charger i have is IQ3 (home and car) and for the products I own I they serve me perfectly.

Thanks man. That’s very cool, I missed this.
I agree there’s little point of QC5 right now given that PowerIQ3 supports both QC and PD.

The PowerCore 24K is QC5 compliant as it has full-spectrum variable voltage (3.3-21V) at 5A.