Quick Charge 4.0 Power Bank

Hey guys,

When do you think Q.C. 4.0 or Q.C. 4.0+ power banks will start coming out? I am looking to buy a power bank but I did some research and saw that Q.C. 4.0 devices should have been rolling out about now (mid 2017). I wanted to get either the PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C or the PowerCore+ 26800 PD model but was wondering if I should hold off on it until a power bank with both Q.C. 4.0 and PD comes out (since Q.C. 4.0 is now complying with the USB-C Standards). I wanted to have a power bank I can future proof as much as possible. Lets discuss!

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Future-proofing against innovation?

puahhaa, well, you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I own a Samsung S7 and they are pretty slow on pushing the new Qualcomm Quick Charge to their phones (understandably, since Note 7 blew up).

All I know is that the S8 and S8+ both still have Q.C. 2.0 and is PD capable and seeing that I am most likely staying the route of owning Samsung phones in the future, I think getting a Q.C. 4 power bank would be a nice addition for me and won’t get outdated in a year or two. Good thing Q.C. is backward capable with previous versions.

The premise of Qualcomm QC is that a cell can be charged faster when it is holds less charge than when it gets full. That premise is true but offers diminishings returns as you seek to tune it. So the gains of the QC premise reduce at each version.

I encourage you to make a decision today on products today at today’s prices. In general, if you seek to predict the future the more likely you are wrong. As per my above.

Seeing how Amazon Prime Day is only a few weeks away, I will try to make my decision then. I will get an Anker for sure, just dont know which. :slight_smile:

How do you think the charging rate is going to compare between QC 4 and PD? I know Q.C 3 and PD is similar in speed and time but not sure what QC 4 or 4+ will hold. I also would like to use it to charge laptop with USB C so having a QC with PD would be a major deal breaker for me, as I can use it for both at full effect. I guess you can say I am pretty curious as to what future battery banks will be like now that QC is abiding by the USB-C standards. Maybe we will start seeing two USB-C ports and 1 IQ port for the battery packs or 1 dual purpose QC/PD port and 2 IQ ports.


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