Quick 1M Double Braided cable review

So, I took advantage of the UK discount code and ordered a new lightning cable. Still waiting for the USB-C to lightning one though :sunglasses:

Looks like I won’t be buying a new lightning cable for quite some time. I’ve never been one of these people who seem to destroy cables for fun, in fact I still have my old Anker lightning cable that I bought 18 months ago.

It’s the small things sometimes - I’m loving the embossed boxes - neat little touch.

Couple of pics - hope the embossing shows up a little, difficult to photograph…

This looks like it’s going to be one tough cable, you can literally tie it in knots…

Well happy!


I like Anker’s embossed boxes too, they should do it more often :+1:t2:

Was a good discount offer, but I’m struggling to see the “review” portion :tongue:


“It’s a tough cable that you can tie into a knot”

Enough said :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s a awesome cable that’s for sure


Lol im not doubting it’s a great cable.

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I was highlighting that that portion was his review

I can tie a strawberry lace in a knot - doesn’t mean it’s strong :tongue:

(I now want some strawberry laces :unamused:)


I’m really digging the color choices. I don’t really need another cable but darn it! The price is awesome right now.


Great review and great pics. I’m ordering new cables in the next few weeks and I’m planning to buy my parents and brother these new cables for Christmas gifts.

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Nice review and thank you for the photos! The cable looks so strong, you will not have to buy one for a while just like you said.

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nice review

Point taken Mark :grin:

Plugged it in to my Anker 20100 battery pack and my iPhone. it charged…

It charged while it was tied in the knot too, the shortened bend radius didn’t cause the little Anker men carrying the power unit to get cut off, they managed to get all the way through to the phone and back again.

Pretty much what we’re looking for in a cable.

Joking aside, the cable looks super strong, the way it can bend is great. Not a huge amount else we can say about a cable though!


Was all in jest, sometimes there’s no control on the level of sarcasm lol

But it’s hard to write a review about a cable, and with a lifetime warranty you won’t need to worry about having to write another :yum:

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All taken in jest Sir! Got to be able to have a laugh, I was not offended!! Sarcasm is all good…

One thing I like about these forums, there is a sense of humour - even @ankerofficial gets in on the jokes!