Queuing for product launches (or sales frenzies) - Yes or No?

With Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone X due for store release this Friday and as we are in ‘Black Friday’ month we often see crazy scenes in the news about 48hr camping (or 10 days for the iPhone X) and stampedes at your favourite stores. I can’t recall once ever having done this or even wanting to, finding it much more cheaper (not to mention safer) shopping online…

So would (or do) you guys and girls, go for this camping and stampede craziness this month or are you much happier waiting for cyber Monday?

If you do go in for this madness, watch out for someone doing this :laughing:


This is not for me. I’ve never got any money haha. I do however enjoy the videos of all the nutter out there ripping TV’s out of each other’s hands lol

I did once queue for a few hours to get the original Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys for my daughter from the Disney Store in the mid 90’s.


I have only ever stood in line for a crazy computer deal on black friday, in the end I returned the computer the next day and brought something else. That wasn’t on sale but had much better specs, two days after that I ordered parts to build my own computer and never looked back at prebuilt systems again.
As for phones, no way in he** would I ever camp or wait in line to buy a phone. With online shopping being a big thing now a days, that’s how I prefer to shop

I’ve never physically stood in line but I have sat at my computer for hours for the release of pretty much every pair of the Adidas Yeezy trainers.

As for the iPhones I’ve always managed to pre-order online for delivery or collection in store. Roll on Friday. :slight_smile:


I only ever stood in line early for concert tickets (back in the day when online ticketing hadn’t really caught on :joy:). It’s Cyber Monday for me, although many Black Friday deals can be obtained online at midnight.

I’ve never queued for a release. I did however leave the pub at midnight to go buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book when it was released at midnight in 2007 :smiley:
No queues, but great atmosphere in the shop that night!

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I think a little weird but it’s sometimes good to be weird.

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:joy: you always cracking me up with your pictures or gifs
So I take it you never waited for anything ever?

Waiting for discount.

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Got fed up with the David Tennent one, already? :smile:

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Never really waited in line for these deal days…

although I did wait outside best buy last year for like 10 minutes and decided to go across the street for dennys instead cuz i aint about that life

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Online pre-order every time if i want something bad enough - however normally would wait for sales

I know people who will camp out overnight for movies, special beer releases, limited edition pins at Disneyland. I will not camp out for a product–no matter what that product is–especially when I know I’ll eventually be able to get whatever it is other are waiting in linen for.

You’re not alone on this one! Every Device possible sat on that awful splash page!!

Queueing for days on end is not my thing. I get moody after a few hours of not getting my own way. :triumph:

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I can’t say that I have ever waited in line like those people for a new product. I figured with my luck, someone would squash me like a bug in their haste to get their hands on it before I do. To me, it’s not worth it. I’ve always just pre-ordered or even waited for the storm to die down a bit before getting the item. Besides that, why be in such a rush to be the guinea pig? LOL. :wink:

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I prefer to wait to buy my item when it’s less crowded.

And when it’s the sales season, I even prefer to buy at full price to avoid the crowd, the screams and the mess people make.