Questions about earning community points

HI all, maybe some members know these answers, or maybe we need @ankerofficial to respond, but I’m curious about a few things regarding points. All my info comes from the community “how to win” page. I’m not really counting points precisely, but sometimes I feel like I should have gotten more points in a given day and I’m wondering if any of these might be the cause:

  1. When does the “day” start? In the how to win page many of the awards are restricted on a “per day” basis. Presumably, I could post two threads at 11:59pm and then two more at 12:01 am and get 40 points. My question is, then, which time zone determines when days start and end? Is it midnight in Shenzhen? London? New York?

  2. Do members get points for replying to their own threads or just the threads of others? I often have conversations with people in my threads and it seems like I don’t get points for those. Is that true?

  3. Is the “get replied to” action only on threads you start or within other threads where someone replies to your reply, either by quoting you or by clicking the “reply” link on your post?

I have the sense that some other members may be interested in the answers to these questions as well. Thanks for any insight anyone has?


in other words, you want details on what you get points for in specific, and how many. right?

Exactly. Specifically when days end and begin, whether we get points for replying to our own thread, and in which context a reply is counted as a reply for points.

Edit: Well I just checked before and after replying to this thread and did not earn any points, so the answer to question #2 is that, no, you don’t get points for replying to your own discussion thread.

maybe it takes some time for the points to show up?

It does not seem that way. I got ten points immediately for posting this thread, and then five immediately for each of your responses.

Edit: Then no points for posting this response :laughing:

hmmmmmm… (need to be more descriptive)

  1. The time zone is in Pacific time, as is all there contest and what not.
  2. You can only get so many points a day, so once you reach your limit you will no longer acrue anything.
  3. Sometimes there is a delay in points but usually only when you near your limit for the day
  4. Don’t focus on your points and how many you get, similar to level just let it be and it will add up all it’s own

Yeah i know, im not really sweating it. I was just wondering.

I hear ya! Takes a while to rank up but eventually you will. I am like super close to Level 5, soon, very soon!


I am seeing you at Lv5 already

Umm… maybe I should start creating threads lol jk

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Points, points, points… All over the word : points! :joy:

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It’s quicker in the lower levels…get’s serious once your past level 8, your talking 6000 to 12000 point chunks then :cold_sweat: :grin:

When you check your points, be sure to refresh the page. The website caches some previous value and it only refreshes when you manually hard refresh the page again.

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Totally this. Forums are so much better when folk are not battling for points all the time :disappointed:


Totally agreed @Arwen ! The major difference here is that these points are worth a form of currency (PowerBucks) and the more you have the better off you’ll be when it comes to powerdraws, contests, etc… that require this currency. Anker is doing this soooo right because it keeps the interest of forum members and at the same time getting feedback on products.


Just enjoy the expiernce and everything the Anker family is leveling up will happen naturally and faster if you don’t keep staring at it and are just active.


We plan to add points & bucks history on each users profile. It’s already on our improvement plan.:grin:


If you like the forum - if you have a question - if you have a solution for a problem - if you have a suggestion to Anker -

then you get points automatically …

Any ETA on that? haha