[QUESTION] Powerport II PD vs Powerport Atom III?

I’m currently choosing between these two. I have an iphone 8 plus and a romoss sense 8 plus power bank (30,000mah). I’ve read that the maximum capacity of the iphone 8 plus is only 15-18W for charging (sites post 15W and some 18W). Also, the Atom III is not USB-IF compliant, is this of any concern? Is the powerport II pd enough for future proofing or is the atom III is a better choice? I’m planning to upgrade my phone after my contract finishes in more than a year. Is the II PD enough for a few years or should I opt for the atom III?

I think either other is fine for your use case (fast charging an iPhone 8 Plus and regular charging a power bank).

If I had to pick between the two, I would probably go with the PowerPort Atom III since the USB-C can output 45 watts (instead of 30 watts on the Powerport II PD), so if you get a USB-C laptop in the future, it could charge it a little faster.

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I’m assuming you are looking at the PowerPort+ Atom III. Anker has a few chargers with “Atom III” in the name.

Either will work great with your iPhone and power bank. As well as your next iPhone upgrade.

The newer iPhones have a draw limit of 15W (9V/1.66A). The 18W number comes up because most compatible fast chargers offer 18W or more output. In my testing it is rare for an iPhone to actually draw more than 10W for very long. Even at low battery and while in use.

The iPhone 11 may or may not swap Lightning with USB-C (I’m betting it won’t). But we’re quite sure it will continue to support the same USB PD we see now. And reports are it’ll include an 18W USB-C PD charger. The announcement is tomorrow, so check the news in the afternoon and we should know for sure. But no USB PD supporting phone draws more than 25W currently. So again either charger should be fine.

Both support PowerIQ 2.0 on their USB-A port. The II PD has a bit more output (18W vs 15W), but that won’t matter with many devices.

The Atom III offers 45W over USB-C PD vs 30W on the II PD. The 45W is better if you have a 13-inch laptop with USB-C. The 30W is good for iPads, MacBook Air, and up to 12-inch laptops.

The Atom III isn’t USB-IF certified as you noted. Not sure why not, spec wise looks like it would clear certification. USB-IF certification is a good indicator a charger is safe to use. Lack of certification doesn’t indicate anything.

Also worth noting the II PD is $12 cheaper than the Atom III.

Hope this helps. There’s no wrong decision in your case, so go with whatever you feel more comfortable with.

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Thanks for that very informative reply.

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