[QUESTION] Power Delivery vs PowerIQ 3.0?

Whats’s the difference between the PD in a number of anker chargers and their new powerIQ 3.0?

USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is an open fast charging standard. Developed and maintained by the same group that supports USB-C.

Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 is a proprietary fast charging standard that combines USB PD and PowerIQ 2.0 into a single USB-C port.

Anker’s PowerIQ is a proprietary fast charging standard that mimics Quick Charge 3.0. So PowerIQ 2.0 can typically fast charge device which support Quick Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, and Motorola TurboPower.

PowerIQ 3.0 is able to offer fast charging to a large range of USB-C using devices. Newer iPhones, most Android phones (notable exceptions are OnePlus and Huawei), Nintendo Switch, and many USB-C using laptops (with sufficient wattage output).


Thanks for clearing that up.

Does this mean that a PowerIQ 3.0 charger is fully compatible with the PD standard and can serve any device that requires PD? I mean at least up to the power rating of the charger?