Question on Warranty

Hey Guys!

Right now im currently working here in UAE Anker/Soundcore

I wanna ask if our product has international warranty? and how to claim the warranty ? thanks.

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If you are really working for the ANKER company you might ask them!

I don’t think this comment makes sense to me :thinking:
Please @BrielleDC I’m not trying to be rude, but if you work for Anker surely you would have internal routes to find out this information?
The website doesn’t confirm either way If the Warranty is International.
Maybe try as the Warranty Info page on the website suggests.

My Company is Muller and Phipps UAE Distributor of Anker.

They only told us that the anker warranty is 18 months.

we also have 1day training…

If purchased from a legitimate authorized seller than your warranty would range anywhere from 3 months for refurbished items, to 12 months for robovacs, 18 months for the majority of products and lifetime warranty for select cables.

Certain sellers have their own warranty policy such as Alliexpress, which Anker has to adhere to in order to sell on that platform. So be aware their standard warranty policy does not apply in situations like this, as the sites policy presides over manufacturers warranty.

To find out or file a claim send an email to

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Are you sure your company is An Authorized distributor of Anker products? Because your company is not listed on their list of authorized companies not for authorized distributors nor authurized resellers