Question?? Help!!

I just bought 2 Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 on Amazon. Then I received 2 products with 2 different Model numbers “A3910011” and “A3910012”. Although the earbuds and case are quite similar, but the rest of the product is very different . For example, “A3910012” have more replaceable EarTips than “A3910011”. In “A3910012” there are a few other items that “A3910011” doesn’t have as well. Can someone explain for me why there are differences? :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are actually 3 versions of the Air 2.

1 with autopause and double tap
1 with no pause and single tap (I believe)
1 with no pause and single or double tap

They are version 1.xx or 4.xx or 10.xx

With what is said there may be an additional one if I tomorrow new earbud is an air 2.


As Duane said there are 3 iteration with firmware 4.xx being the first. Then when they released the white iteration the firmware was 10.xx.
Now the new ones have firmware 1.xx.
Which sucks for the consumer as they all have different functionality.