Question for those with Anker Bluetooth headphones

So I recently received a pair of Bluetooth headphones from company X to test out. And while they do sound somewhat decent I get nothing but feedback from the cable that connects the two. Either it cuts the Bluetooth signal n and out while just walking or it disconnects constantly when I move unless I have my phone in my hand or in an arm band.

So my question is does any of the Anker Bluetooth headphones have this issue? Or en just random Bluetooth drop outs? I work overnight and tend to keep my phone in my back pocket so anything I use would need to be able to keep a solid connection. And also not give me feedback from the cable connecting the two sides

So I have many BT devices, currently using Anker Slim, Anker Life and Bose QC35.

The dense grey matter between my ears is enough in certain combinations to cause audio cut out in just a couple of feet. Take the Anker Life buds for example, if the left side (where i suspect the BT receiver is located) is the opposite side of the head from the phone it is connected to I get audio drop out.

Phones with metal cases have weaker BT capability, the metal shields it. So my OnePlus3T in a metal case drops Wifi and BT faster than say my 4 year old design Nexus 7 in a plastic case.

This is also a bit of random combination, some BT products just behave worse with some devices, and it is not related to price. My $89 tablet works better than my $600 tablet and my $300 Chromebook works better than my $2000 Thinkpad, I suspect because cheap = plastic expensive = metal and radio prefers plastic to metal.

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How do you like the Bose QC35? I was looking at getting those for my hubby. He wants to replace a Sony bluetooth headphone in which the ear muff part is peeling off. He uses it to watch tv. How is the Bose for tv viewing? Can it be connected to a Samsung 4K TV? He wants a replacement pair that has the big cushy ear cups because smaller ones and ear plugs hurt his ears after a short time.

Apologies for going off course on the topic.

This is a forum so off-topic is cool by me.

The foam has split out from the plastic covering and I need to get my act together to do a warranty replacement. The noise-cancelling thing works well, the BT works well, very well, better than all the Anker BT products but then they have more volume and power to play with.

Due to their cost, volume and heavy usage issue with the foam spilling out, I actually prefer the Anker Slims. Their noise isolation is excellent, might just be a lucky fluke of ear canal shape vs the buds but they do so well I stopped flying with my QC35 and use the Slims, and combine with a Powercore+ Mini to top up their charge to keep them going on a long trip. Correct, a $20 Anker product is used in preference to a $350 Bose product.

So yes, buy Bose QC35 for good base sound noise cancellation - removing ambient noise - but restrict to that specific problem to make them last longest, and use Anker Slim (or the + version I see out now/soon) in general because breaking a $20 spend is better than breaking a $350 spend.

BTW using the Slim to watch Netflix now.


Thanks for the reply, I guess I will just have to get a pair and try them out. It’s crazy how my truly wireless no name earbuds work great even at 70 feet from my phone but the ones with wires can’t even work properly unless the phone is in direct sight

I must be losing the grey matter between my ears :laughing: as I’ve yet to receive any drop out from any of my Anker BT headsets (Slims, Life, NB10 Sport), compared to my previous £9-10 Amazon specials (a unheard of brand from China that changes it’s name weekly etc).

Most of the time my iPhone is within 6 ft or so of the headset (most of the time my back pocket) but a few weeks ago during hardware setup I did get my Slims as far as 50ft or so away from my iPhone which was at the opposite end of the hall, with no drop in audio, albeit with a clear line of sight to the handset.

So far it seems I’m getting the Slim’s then

Hold on! We will have a campaign next week for slim+! If you do not win, then you can buy the old version.:grin:


My Bluetooth headset just died last night from sweat so I’m all out of Bluetooth headsets and headphones so gonna need something soon, fingers crossed I can win