Question about PowerPort Cube

There’s an inconsistency in the description for the PowerPort Cube on Amazon’s website. Is there there surge protection included in this product? I’m asking because surge protection is generally not allowed on cruise ships.

In the notes section there are these bullet item:

  • To preserve space, PowerPort Cube features surge protection, but cannot protect devices from damage caused by severe electrical storms.
  • The product can be carried to most of the cruise ship, but some cruises forbid power strips with extension cords. Please double check on the Cruise official website guideline before taking it.

In the comparison with other Anker products, in the Surge Protection(Joules) row, the product has a “/” which implies no surge protection.

I love the product, but don’t want to be on a long cruise and find out I don’t have a charging device I can safely use.

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I think it has surge surge protection but probably @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical can better assist you

There is no mention of Surge protection on Anker PowerPort Cube, only Overload Protection

Surge protector is a device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes

Overload Protector is a device designed to protect electrical equipment from over current that would cause overheating and potential fire hazard. The Overload Protector (or Circuit Breaker) will safely shut off power in the event of overloading.

See the reset switch on the powerport Cube below

So, I believe there is No Surge Protection on these.