Quality of Anker Powerline

So, I pulled this picture from our Vietnam forum and this cable is officially distributed.

I just want to discuss the design of the cable. It is obvious that this is his fault.

As you can see, it looks like the part that overlap with the stress reduction part only about 1mm. And i thought it should be deeper than that to avoid this type of damage to happens.

Looks to me like it’s been pulled constantly from the cable part itself and not the connector. This is typical damage for virtually any cable if it’s abused by pulling on the cable rather than the connector (as one is supposed to do) to unplug it. I know various people who’s cables look exactly like this. In every case, I have caught them unplugging the cable by yanking on the cable and not holding/pulling the connector to unplug it properly. Then they wonder why the cable has failed :rolling_eyes:

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I’ve never had that kind of damage to a cable, no matter which brand.

I know it was his fault for his cable to be like this.

I just want to talk about the design of them cable and I think that 1mm threshold is too little for the cable to prevent this type of damage, or other damage as well.