Qualcomm Quick charge vs Non

Is there really any difference?

I think this is pretty obvious but the output speed and maybe the input speed is much quicker than a non-quick charge. Are you talking about different Qualcomm Quick Charges, like the 3.0?

Clear and obvious difference. Amperage and voltage is drastically different from a standard USB charger. No need for a new thread really, Quick Charge has been discussed to death! Lol

Huge difference, if you don’t have a Quick charge it is almost impossible with new devices to hold ground while using a device. As for charging a large external charger, ie. 26.8Ahr you are talking a full day plus to recharge with out.

Thanks for input fellas!

4A input on the latest version of Powercore 26800.

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Yeah huge difference between the two, if you have a device like the S6 that has a fast charging feature you can charge your phone up in about an hour. With the non one it can take 2-3 hours. So if you’re looking to quickly top your phone off or get it to 50+% charge quickly then Qualcomm Quick Charge is the way to go.

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