Quad USB-C power plug

I use Ankers quad USB-A plug and most of my devices are becoming USB-c so it would be really helpful to have a quad USB-C charging plug.


A four-port USB-C wall charger seems unlikely at this point. It would probably be a desktop charger (with cable). However, with GaN, I wouldn’t be surprised if a three-port one is in the works. Who knows? Right now, there are a couple two-port wall chargers and there is a desktop charger (with cable) with two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports.





Get a PowerPort Atom PD 4 :+1:

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PowerPort Atom PD 4 is the best one!!

Have recently started using it in place of PowerPort Atom III, additional ports

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The PowerPort Atom PD 4 might be your best choice as @Insider stated

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Does it gets hot? I wanna buy it but not for $100 lol

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It does get moderately warm after 2-3 hours of use while all ports are used, believe this is normal. Use it to power-up my laptop, wireless charging pad, USB fan, wired iPad charging.

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If you are in US, don’t have a 100W device then on a cost / size basis you’re probably better off using a regular electric extension cord with sockets either side and plug in Powerport each side. You can make 2 to 8 ports total depending on combination and 100W+ total, e.g. an Atom 60W two port and one of the mini 12W = 72W 4 ports. The Atom 4 is huge and expensive and not quite worthwhile yet. This use of extension plus two chargers affords more combinations. e.g. I keep one of the small 12W two ports plus a more powerful charger so I either or both to suit the situation.

This idea is not so applicable in UK as the plugs are bigger.

For sure it within Anker’s capability to make a much better Atom 4, a truly intelligent power distribution and either smaller but still 4 ports or its size and more ports.

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I never even knew the Atom PD 4 was a thing, looks awesome

Question to @Insider @professor @Ankerofficial @AnkerTechnical

What is the total power consumption from the Electricity source is I replace my existing PowerPort III (2port - use USB-C for laptop and USB-A for wireless charging pad) with PowerPort Atom PD 4…

this may be more of a generic question than specific to PD 4…

Hope I am not burning a hole in my pocket if I use only USB-C port for PD and 1 USB-A port for regular charging with PD 4

(reposting this from one other thread since there was no answer there :frowning: )

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I didn’t answer before as you didn’t state your devices power needs. Ideally you need all ports maximum used.

E.g. a common situation for me is an 18W PD and a 10W and a 5W, for my Huawei tablet, OnePlus, buds. So for me a 3 port 33W would be a good fit.

thanks for reminding, should have included in the first place. I would use Powerport Atom PD 4 with Lenovo T480S, Macbook Pro, Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone, iPad 3 Wired Charging

Save me researching. What is Max Wattage and type of each. My question is mostly letting you see a method to a conclusion for others to see.

When will a device like PowerPort Atom PD 4 be available in germany? I need a device with at least 2 usb-c but none of the mentioned above are available here :frowning: