Qi or pma charging differences

Does anyone know what devices use which charging technologies. Which is more efficient faster and safer and which can be smaller footprint.


Good question! Qi is more popular and it looks like Starbucks will be updating their PowerMat wireless charging pads to Qi:


A wireless charger with both wireless charging standards built in would be ideal so all wireless charging capable phones could be used.

OnePlus uses the Dash Charge, I know it because I own a OnePlus 5 :wink:
But other that that, I’d say to look on the box of your phone to know precisely.

Phones having the Qualcomm chip are mostly compatible with Quick Charge, but not always.

PowerIQ from Anker got you covered :wink:

From what it looks like, one is not really better than the other.

They just operate differently.

Qi seems like its just the more popular standard of the two. As @Jesse_Hernandez1 said, it’d be nice for all the phones coming out with wireless charging to have both standards built in.

luckily for me, Samsung phones have both standards so I can use any public wireless charging stations and I would be okay.

but for iPhone users, Qi needs to be in place, hence why I would assume Starbucks is changing their wireless stations to Qi

I didn’t know Samsung had both wireless charging standards built-in. One more reason that Samsung is king👑

You might want to check out this article. https://www.androidcentral.com/qi-or-powermat-whats-difference-and-which-should-you-choose
Basically, it seems like PMA is more advanced than Qi, but Qi seems to be more widely accepted nowadays.