QI charger lights don't flash when charging is complete

Got a wireless charger (PowerPort Wireless A2511) a couple weeks ago for iPhone 8, it charges the phone well but even after the phone reads 100% charged the blue light on the charger stays lit and doesn’t alternate with the red light like the instructions say it’s supposed to.

It also gets a little warm but not alarmingly so.

Is this normal? Is it overcharging my phone or hurting the battery in some way?

Rest easy knowing that your phone will not overcharge. Also the Iphones do not report when they are fully charged so the device sees it as still drawing power. As the device nears full capacity it reverts to trickle charging as as such it charges at a much much slower rate. So while your device may say it’s 100% , in actuality it could really be just 99.998 percent fully charged.


@elmo41683 is right.

The new iPhone series behaves differently with normal wireless-function phones.
iPhone will enter into trickle charge(very very low current) when 100% charged which can make iPhone stay 100% charged just like the wired charging.
And this will not overcharge your iPhone definitely.