QC 3.0 over QC 2.0

Hi everyone
I recently bought the powercore+ 26800 and i was very satisfied with the price and everything but i noticed that my unit is not the QC 3.0 version but the QC 2.0 version
I just wanted to know is it worth trading my current device for a new one only to get QC 3.0 ???

Where did you buy it from?
QC 3.0 would be beneficial over 2.0 if you have a device that supports it.


What device do you have and do you plan on buying a new device soon?

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If you ordered the QC 3.0 version you should definitely try and get your moneys worth. The QC 2.0 version and 3.0 make no difference unless you have a phone that supports either charging technology.

I am basically re-iterating what they all said but yes, having Q.C. 3.0 wont do any good if your device doesnt support it.

You can check if your phone has Q.C. 3.0 capabilities by visiting Qualcomm’s website.

i think you asked a different question to what the replies seem to be offering.

You own a QC3 capable portable charger, but only a QC2 phone, and your question is should you change your QC2 phone to take advantage of the QC3 of your portable charge.

Recommendation: No, not really, not explicitly just for this reason.


Your recharge times will not be improved noticeably, what will happen is the recharging will be more efficient, so you’d get more recharges from your Powercore. But it is already a really big Powercore so i doubt you’d be seeing the real advantage. If it were a smaller Powercore like the smaller 10000mAh then it would make a more obvious recharge advantage.

If you need to upgrade your phone for other reasons, then this adds to your reasons but remember QC only helps the first 50% or so of your recharging, it then drops off and makes much less difference to get your phone fully charged.

But then… if you did upgrade your phone, of course there is QC4 and QC4+ so there is a potential leapfrogging where you might get a QC4 phone and your portable charger is QC3. The phones supporting QC4 is really a short list so its unlikely.