Q30 Win10 Software?!?

Dear Soundcore,

why are users forced to use the headphones on a mobile devices? Where is the Win10 full app for the headphones? Me personally i plan to never connect them on a phone, like EVER!

So i dont have now the option of a Win10 application offering the complete settings and options like the Android and IOS? Can this be that bad?

Sounds like an oversight

You could ask there , more head phone users.


May want to contact service@soundcore.com about this concern.

I guess it may not be an issue if there are nothing wrong with the headset. You may miss out potential improvement. I think if I was never was going to do it, I would at least do the first one as it would get the initial issues found during the release. I have updated the q30 for my son (who I gave them too) and have not done any other updates after that.

There are technology reasons. To do firmware update requires to run the Bluetooth protocol of Obex or FTP which the driver’s don’t support, and if you rely on your own drivers you cut out the entire corporate market as the anti malware software stops you updating.

Under Android effectively you’re the equivalent of Windows Admin permanently which is why it’s pretty much a phone app for app support for data but audio you can do on PC.

Its not related to the software update its like the options for noise cancelation, the equalizer and etc. non of them are available on a laptop :frowning: