Q30 Charging Heat Issue


I have Q30 Headset and I charge it using my PC USB port.
However for the last 2-3 times it started to become extremely hot even damaging the plastic around USB port. I am worried in case of any accidents and physical damage to my headphone. What would it be related?



Keep your hands off!

I would not charge the headphones via USB-port of that PC.
(heat is always very bad with electronic items)
You should not do!

As you don’t know the specifications of this port.
Use a normal charger and all will be fine. :smile:

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Hmm I had the same issue with 1A charger as well.
Hence wanted to use USB port of my PC. In common current is lower in PC USB ports.

I would still be mindful when charging with a normal charger though. You can not be 100 percent sure that there was damage from a previous charge.

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I’d say the headphones are faulty. I have the Q30 and I’ve not experienced anything remotely warm when charging, I think you probably have an internal short or battery issue and so it’s unsafe.

Stop charging, don’t use, I’d place them outdoors away from damp and away from people after you’ve taken photos of serial number and evidence you’ve not physically damaged.

Put together email to service@soundcore.com with proof of purchase, serial number, photos, description and your address for a replacement.

It might be a defective cable but as soon as I hear heat my standard reply for anything with a battery is stop using ASAP.

What happens next is a function of what country and how you bought.



Seems these are definitely defective!
No more charges!

You beat me to the punch, agree with all of that.

Mine haven’t gotten warm plugged into a QC3 charger that has lots of power available. The available current shouldn’t matter to how much they actually draw for this sort of device. If it is getting painfully hot to the touch or starts letting smoke / smells out, do not continue charging it!

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It also needs putting outside away from people and no damp. I’d leave it there for some time to be sure no fire is imminent then discard as appropriate to local laws.

Hmm, I don’t use it anymore but how can I prove the heat issue.
There is a small damage applied around charging port due to extreme heat but apart from that how can I prove it, any suggestions?


You could plug it to an external charger and keep an eye on it.
if its getting hot unplug everything immediately!

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Honesty should be assumed in the warranty claim, if you’re sure it was hot then simply state it.

If against our advice you feel you need to prove it again, do it outdoors in a ventilated area.

The voltages are low so not particularly chance of harm from electricity but more from chemical vapours or fire
Heat implies there’s a cable short in the end of the cable being plugged in, or in the port in the headphones. You’d have to have a higher current charger of a lower quality continue to drive maximum current through a cable with the end of the cable in the headphones shorting, or the port has a short, for it to get hot. That heat is near to a Lithium battery which will bulge and eventually set of fire.

Probably bad cable, or debris in port, or rarer is charger issue not regulated, one of those is Q30 fault. As you stated you tried different charger including 5V 1A it infers more probably the Q35 has an issue in the port.

Let us know if warranty claim are not accepting your assertion of heat.

It’s possible you did damage using a very bad charger which didn’t regulate, it melted metal in the Q35 port causing short so then a different charger still drove 1A 5V 5W through the short. A photo should help eliminate prior bad charger fault.