Q10 paired, connected but audio device list shows disconnected in win10

hi all
I just bought and received Q10 but not able to use in win10.That is what i bought mainly for.
I have tried many ways searching in forum but in vain.Not sure what else to do.
Updated drivers n all.It is connected to iphone and works fine too but not in win10.

thx in advance.

You will find answers by using the magnifier function in the right upper corner.

yes i did searched and here is on going discussion and thx for replying…

That’s the issue.

Reset everything.

Delete all pairings.
Turn off all Bluetooth.
Reset the headphones so it’s delete it’s pairings
Turn on laptop Bluetooth (but nothing else)
Turn on headphones

Stop there should work. Issue is you paired with multiple devices where one was Windows.