Purging my old items

Recently I joined a Facebook group based out of my city that is a “Freecycle” group meaning everyone either asks for or gives items that they no longer want in their homes. This could be anything from clothing, electronics, baby items, etc. I’ve done my fair share of both receiving and giving and I figured it was the best time to let go of some of my older items that I no longer used. Not going to lie, it was a nice feeling being able to pass on something that brought me joy and excitement to someone else who hopefully enjoys it as well. I know of a lot of others here who have given away items as well and can attest to the feeling and I’m glad to have the opportunity to be able to join in some more :slightly_smiling_face:


Especially during this season! Bringing a smile to someone’s face is priceless!



I may have to check for that up here as well.

I will say a funny thing is that I have put some big items for a garbage pick up of an old couches, slide, or other similar things. They get picked up by people before the trash truck does. We have bets now on it for when a neighbor will get it. :rofl: so that is my current freecycle

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We have such one here too.
I don’t know fakebook, but I use “ebay Kleinanzeigen”.
These are free and there is no fee as it is at ebay.
There is a a category “Zu Verschenken” (for free).
I use it often.
Sometimes I swap something for a beer! :laughing:

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That happened to me the other day when I was getting rid of a bbq. I think it took about 20 minutes or so before someone came and threw it in the back of their truck.

I had fun doing these for people because I used a wheel spinner to add everyone’s name to make it as fair as possible, not just the first person to say they wanted it.

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I remember those days when there were special dates for such clearings
and people could put things on the sidewalk before their houses.
(Not more allowed now, because many would throw only their real garbage there)
A friend and I “found” a 19 century beautiful writing desk.
Fortunately we driving with our VW Bully.
So there was no problem with the transport.
We sold it (poor students in those days) the same day to a dealer and got
really good payed for.
This was the very starting for me to care about antiquities. :smile:

I moved to an area and furnished my house and got items from Freecycle where I just had to put in the effort to go collect. Then later when I was moving out of an area I sold initially then Freecycle what I couldn’t sell.

TBH I am far more comfortable with used 2nd as it keeps items used, less landfill and less pollution from making something new when there’s a working idle item instead. Saves money too.

That’s what drew me to it as well. I recently picked up 4 plantation shutters for my dining room. I only need 2 for the time being so im going to cycle them back to someone else. But of all things those were the most random and will fit perfectly. It is a crazy place because you never know when someone is going to post something and either someone will get it 1 minute later or it will be there for days and you can still get it. My wife is liking it too because we get to clear out the basement piece by piece now.

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What a great idea. Unfortunately K think people in my city would just try to take advantage of others, but great idea nonetheless