Publish a new made review on both forums?

As far I see I won a speaker at Soundcore forum.
I will test this and compare it to those I already have.
Does it make really sense to publish the review on both?
Could be boring for the other members of the community,
because I see the whole old gang at Soundcore forum.


Sounds good to me, dont see a reason why it should not be.

In my case, it was other way round. I won a Soundcore Icon Mini in Anker community and published a review (new and first time) on Soundcore, but some users who didn’t know the rules nor policy started posting messages and confusing others.

Also, so far, there are no policy change on Anker Community for Soundcore reviews or questions. They are still here on the “Anker Community”, while the entire Soundcore segment on all the options such as Deals, General,… should have been redirected to the new Soundcore Collective.

till the time it happens, all reviews and questions should be fine to be posted here.

I don’t see a problem with that.

Soundcore is still referenced here so I would post in both places until Anker decides otherwise :slightly_smiling_face: