⚠ | Public Availability of Nebula Capsule-1 firmware

When ever I want to suggest something for nebula capsule-1 projector : These are the suggestions that comes very first on my mind.

Its been almost more than a year and so, still i see no full firmware avilability that can be downloaded through website or through ankers software on windows to fully restore/update ‘Anker’s NebulaCapsule-1’ instead of ota updates.

There should always be a good freedom for consumers to use so called android OS. For example, even though projector runs android, users dont have sufficient choices to fully customize the app sections or favourite apps which is a basic functionality everyone expects rather than prefixed app favourites in the Nebula Launcher.

It will be good for a company like Anker to provide full version of firmware for their users to atleast fix some issues if something goes wrong like app crashes or more recently to roll back to normal firmware from already enabled google services.

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