Pu charger

The USB-C PD CHARGER on PU, does it come with a usb-c lead

Plus, would I need to buy a usb-c to usb-c lead, for my Galaxy S8?


The charger arrived yesterday, and although I found the answer to my question… Does it come with a lead?

I looked up the FAQ, which said yes… It seems the FAQ is WRONG… as it arrived with no lead. Which is a disappointment, as I was hoping.to use the usb-c feature with the supplied lead, but couldn’t.

I wasn’t expecting a nice 2m usb-c/usb-c lead, but not to have a lead at all, after being promised on the FAQ, was sad.

Looks like a copy and paste mistake when they were going through the FAQ…I’ve never had a cable delivered with any wall charger variety as they normally expect you to use the cable that comes with your device (ie phone) or a 3rd party version…

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Which one did you get?

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I got the charger I mentioned above.

He mentioned a PD charger, so that narrows it down a little bit. Still have at least 5 products that it could possibly be, but I don’t think he wants to say which one.

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I said exactly which one.

Usb-c pd charger, as per the description in power user.

:confused: Now we know

I said, right at the beginning… Oops

I think what Josh is getting at is that there are multiple types of USB c chargers so just stating that it’s this kind of charger without a link or picture can lead to confusion


Anyway good to see the uk is getting more wall chargers! Especially pd ones.

I did clearly state which charger it was and that it’s the one on power user (Pu). Plus it’s the only pd usb-c charger in the list of wall chargers, which is why I answered as I did.