PSA: Use Honey Chrome extension to track prices on Amazon

So I’m usually pretty frugal/cautious when installing extensions for Chrome but I’ve had my eye on Honey ( for a while. It’s an extension which integrates with Amazon to offer a few nice features:

  • When looking at a product, it will let you know if it’s available for a cheaper price from another seller
  • It will automatically apply any coupons it knows about; this could be very useful for Anker products that often run special prices with coupon codes
  • It can show you the price history of that product; again, this is useful for Anker which will often run special prices on Amazon, so you can see if it’s the best time to buy or if you should wait for the price to drop again
  • It can alert you if the price drops

I’ve been using Honey for a couple weeks now and I can’t imagine going back to normal Amazon now.

Here’s an example of the price history chart for the Anker PowerPort Wireless 10:


Good deal, I use to use a tracker on my desktop but it’s no longer active, this could replace it

It’s also worth using the PriceBlink extension since it compares prices from different stores for the item you’re looking at. It also has a price history feature but it’s quite often very buggy.

Thanks. Might check it out

Nice thanks for the share. I’ve been wondering about Honey. I might have to add that to one of my computers and do some testing.

I’ve been using Honey for awhile. I like that they look for and apply coupons for you if you want. Another extension I like to use on Safari is Keepa. It’s an extension that works with Amazon. It tracks the price changes and shows you on a graph similar to above pic.


Looks good, I will give Honey a go on my desktop - I didn’t even know about it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Consumers are the smartest people.:laughing: