PSA: Anker is now available in your local Target stores!


Click Here for Anker Products at Target


I’ve seen some Anker products at Target awhile ago. But I’m always proud and happy to see any Anker products in my local stores. In fact, whenever I go down the electronic aisle, I always look for Anker products. :slight_smile:

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Never shop at target :raised_hands:

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At least you can walk in and walk out with product you want (assuming it’s in stock). If a return needs to be made, just take it back to the store.

Not many brick-and-mortar electronics retailers left. Not everyone likes everything to be online and in the cloud, especially those that don’t use credit cards.

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Target almost (almost…) Matches Amazon in shipping plus the 5% discount with Red Card. Once I started to shop at Target, cancelled my Prime membership.

Now with Anker prominent at Target, will keep a look out for more products!!

I prefer Walmart for this :thinking:

The way things are going for brick-and-mortar retailers right now (with so much competition from web retailers), I’m not one to be very picky about where I go. :wink:

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The Targets by us have been offering limited options in-store for Anker/Soundcore for a few years with more options online.

But its good to see they are offering more than outdated cables now.

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Waiting for the day when Anker and all its sister brands will come to Costco /… with annual rewards and discounts from Costco, will no longer need to look at Amazon nor Target :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Me too, maybe they will have a much bigger selection now


Ohhhhhh, that would be awwwwwesome!!!

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Awesome! I started seeing Anker at my local Target as well!

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Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I was checking out my Target in Ohio to see Anker stuff. I hoping for Sam’s Club next.

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Nebula Projectors and Eufy ROBOVAC / Security Cam products works perfectly at Costco… :+1:t2:

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Awesome! I have a Target near me! If I ever need any of that. I got the perfect time and place to go! :slight_smile: