Provide support materials comparing powerline I, +, II, et al


Anker – please provide tables and other clear comparisons explaining the differences between the different tech and standards. It’s very difficult to make informed decisions on, say, whether my needs are served with, say, a Powerline+ with USB-C 2.0, or a Powerline II with USB-C 2.0. Similarly, I don’t know the difference between USB-C standards like 3.0 and 3.1. Or GaN vs non-.

I see lots of posts where people are trying to understand some of the aforementioned differences. This burden should not be placed on the customer.

I’m hoping it’s an oversight that Anker doesn’t provide clear comparatives so users can easily make informed decisions – maybe Anker gets so excited about features and functionality that they forget that not everyone is an expert in the tech. The alternative is that Anker has so little confidence or interest in customer loyalty that it wants people to overspend on features they don’t need.

I purchase Anker products because, so far, I’ve trusted that the company isn’t taking shortcuts on quality or business practices. However, I’m sick and tired and trying to figure out whether it’s worthwhile to spend the extra money on a particular standard or feature. Time and budgets are finite. Most of the time my objective is to just charge a few devices.


  • Eric

This we are begging now for years.
But the hope dies at last.


@AnkerOfficial I think we all agree with Eric.

I am expecting a response to this post… if you don’t respond, you simply don’t care about your customers, or your customer loyalty


The response will be the same as past ones…we will consider your idea, its on our list of improvements, it has been passed is to our customer service team etc …unfortunately it never seems to make it to fruition :raised_hands:

A tad harsh with that…


If they give a canned response, this could be given visibility on social media like Twitter. This type of issue makes for good news articles.

Now that’s hardcore…