Proud Long Time Anker Owner

I was very recently on Holiday (Vacation) in California where my Girlfriend Sam & I had a fantastic time.
She loves clothing bargains so we went to a couple Of Walmart’s And Targets. While she is looking through all the clothing racks I try to find something quirky that fits me but usually can’t find something nice that is big enough for me.
So I wonder around the weapons, toys and electronics and I was so proud to see that both Target and Walmart stock Anker Innovations Products there were Anker, Soundcore and also Eufy products the products were either the same price as online or slightly cheaper.

We are from the UK, does anyone know if and when Anker might start selling their products here in stores if they don’t already?

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If me n the fiancée split up, I usually go for the tech section too! lol must be a man thing :crazy_face:

I know what ya mean, we get shitty Polaroid stuff, instead of nice Anker stuff in our Asda (Walmart).

… Walmart own our shop Asda. Some of the very large stores are actually called… Asda Walmart.

The only real big retailer I’ve seen selling Anker products in the U.K. is the online catalogue Littlewoods.

They have a small selection of items but as it’s an online catalogue you will be paying a lot more for them than Amazon.

Hopefully Anker will pop up more in our British shops as they expand in the U.K.

I don’t have enough catalogues, as I keep forgetting to pay them! lol

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I’ve been noticing more and more Anker Products in Target & Walmart each time I visit one of the stores. Usually it’s something I already have otherwise I’d be buying it.

My local Walmart and Target stock Anker and it’s awesome to see! Every time I go into target I check to see if they have something new!


I do the same but the walmart close to my place does not restock anker items that often. When I asked them it the stire manager told that anker is not sending them enough items quickly enough. Same with target.

Probably next time I will post some pictures of empty shelves for @AnkerOfficial.