Proper forum for Soundcore reviews?

I’ve been posting all of my Soundcore product reviews to the Anker/Review forum. The one time that I decided to post to both the Anker/Review and Soundcore/Review forums, I got my hand slapped. So where should Soundcore product reviews be posted? I’m seeing Soundcore reviews more commonly posted in the Anker/Review forum…

They should be posted under soundcore >reviews since its soundcore products.

Apologies fr the handslap, but it may have been because you posted to both forums. Try to keep your reviews to one set forum and if you post to the wrong one you can always ask an admin to move it for you instead of reposting


@AnkerOfficial still needs to fix the fact that when you click FORUM at the top of the page, it doesn’t link to the forum, but rather the Anker section. If it was linked correctly, I believe more Soundcore reviews posted in the proper location would be seen.

Sorry for any confusion, @SZak2015 (at least we don’t slap hard! :joy:). It was likely more of an issue of double-posting the same content as we try to keep the topics streamlined.

The forum system defaults to the “Anker” section, but SoundCore reviews can go in the SoundCore > Reviews section as @elmo41683 and @joshuad11 have noted. Thanks for sharing your reviews with the community… we definitely don’t want to do anything to discourage you from doing so! :slight_smile:


or you can move the post yourself assuming it’s still editable


The forum header, quite clearly shows a choice of which forum you may want to enter, if you want to be specific, just click n go!