Promotion popups in android notifications

So, I got a promotional notification from the app today. How the hell do I turn that off? Really don’t like the app spamming the notification bar.

when you a notification which is annoyingly too common, Swipe the notificatoin gently to the right a little so you see a small gear icon on the far left of the notification
Click on that gear icon to the left
Then disable any notifications you don’t want to see, e.g. all to stop all

Or, such as you already wiped the notification away, go into settings, Apps, the app you have issues with, notifications, then disable what you don’t want.

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Why would you want to get rid of the pop up advertising in the app? That’s my favorite new feature! Nothing I like more than opening an app for a product I purchased and have advertisements blasted into my eye holes.

I almost believed you lol

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Personally I think a notification which says that thing you bought yesterday is now cheaper would help.


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That would make mad lol. Unless they would refund me the extra money I paid

The only issue with that plan is its all or nothing. Promotional crap should have it’s own toggle, compared to other app notifications. Although, now I’m struggling to know what possible notifications I could want from this app.