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I tried the promo code NEWCAPSU and it is not working. Is there a new promo code? I would like to buy the Capsule Max today, please.

Hi @hollyjoydavis,

Welcome to the community.
Could you tell us a bit more about this issue, like which website you’ve tried to use this code?

Thanks in advance

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Hey @hollyjoydavis that is an old code I think posted in 2019,

here, use this code to buy it and save $50 — CODE is LIVECAMAX for Nebula Capsule Max

Hope this helps you !!

@AnkerOfficial he was asking for Capsule Max and discount code for it, provided it above :wink:

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Thank you for helping out @Shenoy :rofl::rofl::+1:

Just in time discounts, happy customer, happy Anker :slight_smile:

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