Promo Code/price for Anker Product

It has been a bit strange when I start to compare price with and Not to say anything bad about Anker Direct, but i do see there is a price difference between ordering from anker and Amazon. For example, I was trying to order the powerline+lightning cable and i checked both price, Amazon charged slightly higher than Anker. With Anker offers free shipping and Amazon charges shipping, I would recommend people to order directly from the website. However the promo code (Halloween promo code) that was sent by won’t work for its website but redeemable for But anyway, just want to bring this up and help people to save some money.

I agree that is kind of strange

That’s true…

Anker charges shipping if it is less than $30, and Amazon also has a shipping deal, depending on how large the order is, especially if you have Prime, which I imagine we all do if we’re talking on a tech. forum.

should get free shipping for everything if your prime… which you should get if you order a bit from amazon… plus get there streaming service included and more, it’s definately worth it

That’s weird

Yea, I contact the Anker support, they said that is the way it is. Cant change anything

The prices are very similar within a few %. In general its better with Amazon as I paid for Prime.

With the exception of a rushed need to get the family Powercore+ mini to have in pockets for a long flying trip, I have most of what I need and only get if there’s a deep discount.

I’d like another LC40 torch but just waiting for a discount.

do you know that anker offers welcome promo code if u order from them? they have $5 off, $10off or $15 off

Yes I got but actually never used as when I priced it all together Amazon was still cheaper.