Project Sandcastle shows Android can be installed on an iPhone 7

It is still in early stages but, How do you like running Android on Iphone??

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Still early but really cool nonetheless

I heard Apple is suing this company now…

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But that’s because to test it they have a virtual Android ontop of a virtual iphone, so that latter step mean breaking the iphone rules.

If it had official support then Apple would be admitting Android has a role…

Wonder if they will continue or stop :man_shrugging:

Interesting but I don’t know why anyone would want too.
Some of my friends who don’t own an iPhone say it’s because they either don’t like Apple or because of their cost.
The rest say it’s because the prefer the hardware of other brands.
Just asked the guys here in the office (only 6 of us currently, 5 Android 1 iOS) and none of them would buy or crack an iPhone to run Android.

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honestly I would be seriously tempted by this. Apple hardware tends to be more visual and friendly to abuse than android, but the Android OS is still what I know how to use the most. For me it would be close to the best of both worlds. Non-sandboxed software inside of the best hardware for what a smartphone should be able to do, I like it.

Geeks don’t need reasons.


However, if you’re not doing it for it’s own sake, then I concur it doesn’t have logical practical beneficial use. Android is so cheap you can just buy an Android device and play to the side and not take up resources on an expensive iphone.


100% correct re geeks not needing a reason :smiley:

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It’s just little bit of itch all you need to do crazy stuff and with no reason.

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Its possible to install LINUX on older Macbooks.
Perfect, if you dont get any updates anymore.

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What ever that guy has in his coffee, I want some! :smiley:

It only works for the iPhone 7 and 7+, and it doesn’t support the devices’ audio output, Bluetooth, camera and cellular modem yet.