Product Testing: How long to send out test kit?

How long does it usually take for @AnkerOfficial to send out test products after announcing the testers?

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Great question @pfrodsham
But no definite answer. Stock levels in the country and product release dates seem to play a major factor.
I have had an item within a week others have been much longer.

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One very important thing in our life is patience. :smiley:
It will take a while all things have been done perfectly.
Do not forget, “product testing” is a very special service and it’s more than generous.

With current pandemic situations, shipping times have been affected, so be patient.

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I think you’re particularly trying to find when the current testing units are arriving.

I kind of know, but @AnkerOfficial wanted to say officially themselves.

Yup @professor … I’m a first time tester and just interested to understand the usual processes. I would have expected the marketing team to want to get some reviews early to support initial launch or first promotion.

More general curiosity than impatience :wink:

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Sounds like you gonna have to wait a bit longer

I don’t think we will wait more than a couple of days. I’d like us to get told they shipped and tracking emails but oh well.

In my case I am now 100% fit after a broken arm 7 weeks ago and have been doing progressively longer bike rides and yesterday did a long day with no pain. So I’m getting ready to go back onto the road and be off-grid substantially. I was thinking the small 18W wall charger, paired with a 10000 PD Powercore, and say a 21W Anker Solar panel, with my dynamo powered bike, would keep me going for weeks on the road. I hope it arrives soon or we risk not being united before a good test.


UPS just arrived with a package. Let the unboxing commence.


You see all went perfectly!
Enjoy the weekend with testing! :smiley:

Great news @pfrodsham
Fingers crossed for the rest of us! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Did you finally get it?