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Forgive me if this is not the place for this, but I would like Anker to combine two products into one if possible:

I would like the ability to plug in a portable battery (the functionality of the PowerPort Atom III 45W Slim with the functionality of the PowerCore Essential 20000 PD). Basically allow me to plug in the PowerCore to a wall power outlet without having the hassles of a charger and USB cable (I still want the option of charging this way too).

Of course, I would be more than happy to discuss and test drive Anker’s solution to this.


Hi @aheadnetworkmgmt, this is a great place for product suggestions! Unfortunately, those specs are unrealistic at the moment. However, Anker recently released PowerCore III Fusion 5000 with an 18W USB-C PD output and a 5000mAh battery capacity. Please note that charging via USB-C is not an option.

If you need more power to charge a laptop, Anker has a different model called PowerCore Fusion 5000 PD that has a 30W USB-C PD output and a 5000mAh capacity, but PD works only in wall charger mode.

Both of these devices are quite large and heavy already (and fall out of some wall sockets). Adding 4 times the capacity would render them unusable.

I understand, the power requirements wasn’t the main reason for my suggestion. It was more for usefulness; like going camping or traveling (one less set of plugin charger and USB cable to carry).

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Then does PowerCore III Fusion 5000 or PowerCore Fusion 5000 PD fit your needs?