Product request: a 0.1m nylon braided cable for the PowerCore+ mini

I just purchased my first ever Anker products and I have to say I am very impressed by the quality of the products, packaging and this community. A great experience altogether.

One of the products I bought was this:

PowerCore+ Mini portable charger for my iPhone. Used it yesterday for the first time and I am so pleased with this product.

What I was wondering: why does Anker not produced a 0.1m (0.3 ft) nylon braided lightning cable? As you can see on the Amazon page, customers frequently buy together with the Powercore a 0.1m cable. Walking in the forest/on the streets you don’t want to have a 3 or 6ft cable in your trouser pockets to be able to charge your phone. So this 0.1m cable from TeckNet is perfect for that purpose. And it fits nicely inside the travel pouch that Anker provides with the PowerCore+ Mini.

I would love to have everything from Anker :slight_smile: … so I was wondering… if Anker produces such a great device as the PowerCore+ Mini, why don’t they offer a small 0.1m nylon braided cable for it? For this now I have to go to another brand to provide with me something that really fits the PowerCore+ mini easy of use.

Thank you for considering.


Hi @Grover_anker,
Anker has a shorter Lightning cable, although it’s not braided. Even so, it still passes the 5000+ bend test and comes with an 18-month warranty. :wink:


Aha! Thanks TechnicallyWell, for some reason I could not find it on the Anker site, probably because I was focusing on the nylon braided type. But yes, a non-nylon braided one is there:

Thanks for pointing this out, I might order this one as a backup for my TeckNet one if I loose that one.


I have a similar request as you @Grover_anker. I hope they introduce a 4" cable in the PowerLine Dura style… not sure what’s happening with their PowerLine+ lineup.

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