Product numbering system CONFUSING

Who came up with this new product numbering system? ITS ANNOYING AND CONFUSING!!
WHY? Power pack 318 737? 622? Cable XYZ28872? come on just stick to the basics there was NO need to change it.


Yeah some weird naming

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It might be my fault.

I’ve been complaining for years their product naming schemes are random, unable to predict what’s different, and asked for a numbering scheme where the major number is family, then similar products and last code is the exact product. E.g. 123 is very similar to 124 but 123 is more different from 133 and 123 and 323 are totally different.

The “Pro” “Plus” “+” and “Upgraded” names are too easily causing bad search hits.

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You’re definitely not to blame for a good idea poorly implemented.

A numerical hierarchy definitely makes more sense than pro/+/etc, but they have befuddled many of us with the series overlap and inconsistency.

The nano pro is better than the nano. Sure, but why the different series?

Is there some hidden meaning to the codes? It’d be nice to have a decoder.
The Anker Flow cables are great; the ‘Flow’ is a good brand for the model, but then add numbers.

643 is USB-C to USB-C, 6 foot, black. The 3-foot version doesn’t get a number?

641 is USB-C to Lightning, 6 foot, black. It’s 3-foot version shares a number.

The 6 doesn’t mean 6-foot. The 4 doesn’t appear to mean USB-C; else we’d have a 641 and 644? The USB-C nano is 511.

Perhaps it would be easier to grok if there was only the series number 5/6/7 and leave the model numbers hidden?


I can see this causing problems when trying to find the best products/items

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I tried but failed?

Numbers are language-neutral in that humans have 10 fingers and a decimal number doesn’t need translation. Google prefers numbers, try finding the Soundcore A2 NC+ and plenty of other products get found in error.

Is this Chinese superstition? They don’t like the 4?

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