Product delivery

(Mod Edit: removed image as it may contains someone else’s personal information. -Ryan)

So I was reading my emails and an order came through to my email but is being shipped to not my address not even my state. I have signed up in a google form for my account for free product. But any ideas why it is other not sent to right place or fake altogether.


I suggest you to send a private message to Ankerofficial and for support on this request.

They are 100% on stuff, but things do happen, and they always take care of customers and members


Something went wrong.
Could happen, only human beings.
Send an email to the support, they will help you.
Small problem can be solved easily.


Yes this is definitely something messed up. You should remove that screenshot to protect people’s privacy. Thanks!

thanks for the help!

If I was you, I’d follow his advice. Good luck @potatostudioyt
Sorry I’m too lazy to fix it

We will help you sort it out.:innocent:

Thank you!

Hope you got everything squared away…