Product Concept Survey: Take Part!

Hey everyone, Anker Product Management team here!

We’d like to invite you to participate in this product concept survey to help us define some core objectives.

Thank you in advance for your responses and please let us know in the comments of this post if you have any questions!

The Anker Team


That is a good news … a new product but I want to see antitheft alarm. Can we expect that?
Enjoyed the survey!

Completed the survey, I like the idea behind this. Very interested seeing what comes out of it.

Was looking for Apple owners who travel.


i found it odd, only 2 questions… and yes apple / travellers… 🤷


haha, they thinks you don’t need to answer other questions

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Interesting to ask about travel. I used to travel a lot and then covid happened. haven’t done much travel since except some hiking trips a couple of hours away but nothing huge to make me think I qualify as a traveler. but I am also not home or just at work all the time usually I’m out with friends (i am the designated person to bring a portable charger or two and cables to charge everyone :joy:)

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Short survey for me. We have an OLD macbook in the house, so I checked that initially. But on page two realized it was asking about devices and travel - I have a dell laptop for all my work trips, would never take the macbook. And don’t have any other apple devices anymore. So I went back and checked “none of the above” on page 1, and the survey was promptly over.

Feel like there is a disproportionate amount of design time and energy focused on apple users at Anker. They must make money doing it or it wouldn’t happen, but still seems like a lot. And aimed at relatively low power users as well.

Free product suggestion - a USB-C power supply, 2 ports, that can simultaneously provide 90W to my computer and 18-24W to my samsung phone. For extra credit, do one with three ports. I don’t need a USB-A port at all.

The closest you currently get is the 736 - which has an unnecessary USB-A port, and becomes a 45, 60 or 80W charger for my PC if two or more devices are plugged in. But even that one is sold out. There are a lot of people who really do want all the power at once.

An update to the 623 (Extension cord with outlets and a USB Charger) to include a 100W output that could work along with a 20W phone charging outlet would also be a good choice. There are lots of possibilities.

To quote Tim “The Toolman” Taylor - we want MORE POWER.


Agreed. I believe it’s because they see an Apple buyer as higher budget (didn’t buy a Chromebook etc) and so they feel they can sell higher cost Anker products

So a 120W dual? Yes I’d expect that quite easy for Anker to do soon.

I look at the teardowns of Anker and others chargers and I know Anker can make what you ask for. So the only logical reason why they don’t exist now is folks not asking for it enough.

Such ports are low cost so a “why not” argument applies. I can see they’d keep one USBA port for a year or more.

I have the Soundcore Frames USBA, smart watch USBA, phone and tablet and laptop USBC so if I leave home for a long trip I’m carrying 3 USBC and 2 USBA ports via Nano and their 4 port 63W.


As a Samsung user and with no need for USB-A I’m with you there @jercox


If the USB-A port doesn’t add any size or weight, then I would agree with you on “why not”.

I think they make better chargers for your use cases than mine already.

It does add size , weight and cost .

Fact is I have lots of legacy ports needs. A workaround is to use usbA from my Powercore which is what I’m doing when minimalist traveling, but for longer trips I still need usbA for plenty (watch, flashlight, glasses, etc).

I own plenty of usbA ports so I’m not really asking for them at a premium.

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I have USB-C to Micro USB cables to cover a number of those other use cases. And no watch or glasses.


The Fossil smartwatch proprietary charging puck is USB-A, the Soundcore proprietary charging cable is USB-A. They’re the cause of my need, but I can get by either using their 2 port USB-A “mini” type chargers, or one of the others I’ve bought over the years, or their Powercore USB-A, so I certainly could get by just buying USBC exclusively.

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Love the first part about being a USB-C maximalist. Not quite there yet, but something to aspire to.

I have the backpack plus small suitcase setup for my travel needs, so not as light as he can go (I often need specific clothes / tools for work). But I do like to travel as light as I can.

Completed the survey…

@AnkerOfficial With the brand Anker and sister companies have built, we always expect a “bit” more from Anker… Typos… Typos are the last thing to be expected from Anker at this stage of branding and surveys…


I was there about 15 years ago.

I’m now ok with 20L including laptop. Last month I did a 10 day trip sleeping in 4 different places , two flights and 6 trains.

If I’m camping so add tent etc then I’m with a 40L bag.

Recent news in UK are airport queues and slow luggage, well 30 years ago I was checking luggage, 15 years ago an overhead bin size and now under-seat size.

The last most difficult change I solved was footwear, how to handle all conditions with just one set of shoes.

USB helped get rid of laptop specific chargers, I moved to a big Android tablet with keyboard, more recently a Chromebook which is USBC.

Last trip I eroded volume down via today’s announced Soundcore Sport X10 instead of my Sony over-ear ANC.