Problems with bluetooth of Soundcore 2

I purchased the bluetooth speaker Anker Soundcore 2 on Amazon last week. Currently I have a problem with the bluetooth.
In some first days, everything was okay when I connected with my 3 devices: iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and Macbook Air.
Then I didn’t use the speaker for 2 days.
Now I cannot connect it with my Macbook. For my iPhone and iPad, I have to forget the speaker on those devices before connecting the speaker again. If I don’t forget the speaker, it cannot connect neither. The message was “Make sure “SoundCore 2” is turned on and in range” (the speaker was right next to my devices).
Please show me some instructions to deal with this issue. I really enjoy the sound quality of this speaker and do not want to make a return.

Hi @Hu_nh_Le_Hi_u,
This thread deals with the same problem, it seems to be “normal”.


Not sure if just Samsung feature, but it doesn’t matter which device (output) I have saved (soundcore 2 spkr or spirit headset) my phone automatically connects to whichever I have turned on at the time. Or it could be a feature of BT 5?

So basically, I have both devices saved on my BT list, and so long as one of them is on, (and BT on, on as soon as i press PLAY, it plays via the turned on device.

So if last time I used the headset, but this time, I want speaker, it’ll auto connect to the speaker, so long as it’s turned on. I think Samsung calls it SMART CONNECT or something?

I’m having an issue with my soundcore 2 speaker which I just got , when I connect any phone to it, it disconnects immediately. And keeps flashing the Bluetooth light in and abnormal manner.

Hello I purchased the Soundcore Hi Res wireless headphones byt my bluetooth connection keeps on getting ddisconnected. Has this happened to anyone before or this is only a problem with my headset. Thanks

Please try going into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and “forget” the headphones to remove them from the list. Then, re-pair the headphones to your phone to see if it helps resolve the issue. If all else fails, please reach out to Thanks!

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Okay thanks for your advice