Problems with baby monitor

Hey guys, nice to talk to you. My name is Bruno, and I’m from Brasil. Last year, I’ve been in the US and bought an eufy security spaceview baby monitor. It’s a great product, and I really like it’s quality. But, last month I started having some problems with it. It’s losing signal very easily, less than 10 meters away. My apartment is quite small (90 square meters), and now I’m not being able to use the baby monitor as I used to use. Is there anything that I can do to fix it?

(Sorry if my english is not that good… I tryed my best to make it understandable).

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@Bruno_Bernardino Thank you for reaching out to eufy! Sorry to hear about the issue with your baby monitor.

Normally, the wireless transmission distance of the SpaceView baby monitor system is 460ft (140m). But the actual range of transmission distance varies depending on many factors such as the thickness of walls, obstacles inside the house.

If there are several walls between the two devices, that might strongly affect the connection. Please let us know if that is the case.

Please also try the updating the firmware of the baby monitor and camera(s) to the latest version via

For the camera(s):

Connect the camera to your computer. Copy the “Camera.bin” to the SN93700BU folder. The camera will upgrade automatically.

For the monitor:

Connect the monitor to your computer. Copy the “Monitor.bin” to “SN93701PU”. There will be a progress window displayed on the monitor.


  1. The baby monitor’s included cable doesn’t support data transfer, so please use a different USB cable for the upgrade.

  2. Upgrade both the monitor and camera(s); the system can work normally only when all devices are on the same version.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please reach out to We will have the customer support team to assist you with this case.