Problems with Atom PD frying devices?

I just came across this on Amazon:

This guy apparently fried a few pixel devices with the Atom PD. Soooo… don’t charge your pixel with the Atom I guess?

It does say in the header on Amazon that it’s compatible with pixel:

For the record, I’ve been using this charger exclusively for my Asus Chromebook Flip C302 without issue, and charging my ipad and mr Galaxy S9+ without problems. I even charged my switch with it a couple of times. Is it possible the specific device in the review video above was defective?

Has anyone else had a device fry with the Atom PD 1?

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I just got the atom pd hopefully it won’t fry any of my devices. You said that it is ok with iPad and s9+ so I’m assuming I should be ok with my iPad and s9 is not I’ll let you know

Yeah I have not had any problems…

Here it is charging my chromebook:

And my iPad:

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So there is an inherent vulnerability with USB PD.

With a non-PD “traditional” charger there is a fixed voltage, typically 5V and a maximum Ampage, say 1A, 2A, 2.4A, 3A. The voltage can never increase, and the device being charged has a resistance to taking more than it can handle.

PD however can do 9V… 15V…20V. So suppose the device can only handle 5V, if it were to be given 20V, it the distance between the wires, insulated to handle 5V, can be fried if they experienced 20V.

So with PD you have to be sure that both sides of the PD are perfect.

Now as the Atom 1 has a maximum 20V, so long as you connect it to a device which can handle 20V input, they can’t be fried, you might suffer over-heating, say, of the Atom, or of the cable, but you’d not fry the device. You may find charging does not work as they negotiate to a useless low voltage.

Take say my Huawei mediapad tablet, it can only handle 9V, so if I connected a charger capable of >9V, I risk it being fried. But say my laptop, which is a 20V input, I can not fry it, but I also may simply not work.

Given Anker is a business, exchanging products for money, you can handle this probably safely in 2 ways:

  • Ask Anker if your device will work. If they say it does, and it doesn’t then you have some argument in your defence.
  • Ensure the transmitting voltage of the charger is not more than the maximum receiving voltage of the device, and if they don’t get along then use the 30 day Anker no-quibble return option.

What I am doing is still sitting out of this PD problem for a couple of years longer than I ever thought I’d need to, a new 8.4" tablet and it will only see its supplied charger, or Anker 5V 2A.


Thats a great explanation. So my chromebook, at 20v 2.25a is never going to be fried because it can take the full 20v. But i am at risk with the ipad and galaxy s9 plus, which take 5v and 9v respectively.

There are no certainties, but I’d say a device designed to handle higher voltage is going to be less likely to be fried than a device designed to handle lower voltage. USB PD has the issue that if there is any confusion in the negotiation it can end badly.

We always have had this risk, and for example IQ and then IQ2 is when cautiously tested and verified that a device never receives a voltage more than it can handle.

Been using it in my iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro 2018, and MacBook Pro with no issue.

I wonder if this is just an isolated case with him involving a defective unit, or it’s his particular devices, because this it the first I’m hearing about this.

This charger is even USB-IF certified and recommended by Nathan K. who has waaay more credibility than the guy in the video.

I question that purchasers setup. Never seen a charging system destroy an OS. I can say when I tested the Atom I borrowed a few friends phones and never saw any issue with a pixel 1 or 3 (never tried a 2). Anker never seemed to have any issue with PD before and GaN charging is just newer chip materials really so without another few seeing the same issue I wouldnt be concerned. Some people just blame the last thing used before thinking about other stuff that may have contributed.

Yeah the missing OS thing was really weird. I dont understand how that is a result of a cherger malfunction. Granted I dont know everything, but I fail to see the connection there.

I have recently started backing away from peoples requests for me to help them with computer stuff because they always blame the last person that helped them if something goes wrong. I helped one person straighten out her icloud account and then two weeks later she had a hardware problem and thought I had done something to her computer. I had just helped her recover her password and get logged in to icloud across all her devices (she had created like 3 different accounts with i cloud trying to figure ot out). Anyway, i think this guy may have had something similar happen, as in he tried to fix something and then deleted his OS and the next thing he did was plug in the Atom.

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Not possible!

If the power system was bad maybe (a short circuit that feeds full power directly to the HD). But that would also require a malfunctioning device (on top of being very improbably to begin with), where any form of power would break the system. The message stating a lack of OS kind of debunks this though since that message isnt inherent in BIOS configuration and somehow should have originated from the hard drive.

Without taking a look at the device there is no diagnosis possible.

Nice information here, believe Anker does the testing and mentions the products supported for charging and the power ratings, Pixel is included on the product description… bit surprising?

All presumptions.

Basically anyone can make a video, since this is true anyone can also make conjectures without understand the issue fully or having any kind of technical knowledge to support their thoughts. Its one reason I am careful with how I review items negatively, if I am unable to say with high confidence my reasoning is right, I will avoid making the claim.

Hi all,

This case brings our high attention in 20 days ago, we contacted the consumer and want to try the best to solve the issue for him. We hope he can send back the atom PD1, so our quality control team would investigate the product deeply. ( We do take our quality control very seriously with numerous and rigorous checks in place, our testing result showing the PD1 could compatible with pixel without any issues.)

When we tried to communicate with this consumer, we didn’t get his response and didn’t receive that “defective item”. But our support team still sent a replacement to him. So far, we still haven’t got his response.


It’s a shame that he tried to discourage people from buying one of these. Im sure this was just an isolated case with him.

This is the support that makes Anker stand apart from rest of electronic brands.

Do keep us posted on & if you have more information.

Thanks @AnkerTechnical

This is great.
But we all see, there are some, a small minority, who is not honest at all.

We just feel strange. because in the video, he said he will return the defective item. But he didn’t do it.
When we tried to communicate with him, he just said that the pixel company has sent a new phone to him. But he still not return the defective product to us.:joy: