Problems with AMAZON's power banks

I read articles at some German magazines, that there are problems with AMAZON’s power banks (Amazonbasics).

Unfortunately there are ANKER power banks shown in a video which is added, when talking about AMAZON’s problem.

I mentioned this and wrote a comment. :wink:

As far I see, these AMAZON power banks are no more available at AMAZON.

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Got a link to the article ? I dare say @AnkerOfficial will want to contact them to have their products removed from such an article…


If you want to read in German, here is one.

The other I mentioned has not so well-founded insights, but is published on a popular magazine.

In this video ANKER power banks are shown as well as the dangerous
amazonbasic ones. This might lead to misinterpretations.


Ooooh that’s not good and potentially could affect the Anker brand. Well spotted but defo need a link to see what’s going on.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. I will pass this information to our brand manager.
We do take our quality control very seriously, cos we don’t want any dangerous situations happened.

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I think if inexperienced people watch that video they might think ANKER power banks are affected as well.

Why do they show ANKER products when talking about AMAZON products? :grimacing:

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Anker power banks are probably the best selling on Amazon.

Because I didn’t know that Amazon Basic had Powerbanks but I know that anker has some.

I think that anker was maybe the only product they had

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Amazon offered their “own” power banks in the past. Now it seems that they stopped selling these and have started a recall action.

What really made me upset in this video, a list with power banks was shown including ANKER power banks. Customers might be unsettled.

I saw the same thing on the news yesterday and found this by googling

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That’s why if it’s not anker i won’t use itlearned that mistake from when i had an Android phone and used a battery pack my phone and iPod would get hot when charging

Seen the report on a few tech sites over the past day or so but had not seen the video you mentioned.

While it seems like an unintentional mistake from whoever compiled the video (I don’t speak German so can’t tell much of what was said) by just using a screen grab of a ‘power bank’ search on Amazon, it certainly should have been better vetted to prevent an impact on an unaffected brand i.e search AmazonBasic’s PowerBank…hopefully Anker’s brand manager can intercede…or get a large disclaimer added to the video :smile:

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I was gonna ask, in what context exactly is the Anker PB shown?

Is it JUST as an example of Powerbanks or …

I knew Amazon did their own PBs, but considering g the spec, I thought they were overpriced.

My 10k slow bank, was about £6 ($10?) I say slow bank, as takes 2 hrs to charge from 15%
My lil PB I won on PU (silver lipstick size), even tho only 3600 takes around an hour for same charge.

If it was generic, and was in B-roll then I think it might be acceptable to include in the video, but if I were Anker, I’d still ask they take it down because someone might get the wrong impression.

These are my thoughts too.
It was a mistake by the producers.
But, as I said naive users might have the wrong impression that ANKER’s power banks are affected as well.

That video sounds a bit wrong, they don’t mention anker at all. they explicitely say “amazon basics brand”, not anker. But while they speak about amazon orders, they show this page…

So three anker items are shown, not amazon basics.:smiling_imp:


That’s due to the generic search term they used ‘PowerBank’ …unfortunately due to Anker’s popularity they came in the top Amazon searches alongside a few other ‘sponsored’ versions. They should have used AmazonBasics PowerBanks if they truly wanted to show the correct ones (if they were still listed).

Poor vetting and decision on part of the video producer…either that or they didn’t expect to get much traction off showing non Amazon brands…

But, cant anker do anything to that bad PR they are gonna recibe? Since people that are not familiar with them will associate anker with a bad product

If I were in Anker Marketing I would be extremely annoyed by the video. It does make it look like Anker products are affected as well.
Could have been an oversight by those who make the video, but it is one they should have been aware of what the consequences could be on a brand.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. We have contacted their leaders, I hope everything will be okay.