Problems, problems, problems. Please help

We bought and installed eufyCam2c home base & X2 cameras + X1 add on camera, this weekend
The system seems to be working but only intermittently…
It works & records when we are testing it but then nothing after
The camera light shows red when you walk by it, but it does not notify my phone/Eufy app or record or show on events. It allows us to watch live footage
We have tried everything this weekend to get it to work, restart, checked all of the settings etc
Our neighbour also has the same system and his works perfectly. He came to help yesterday but all or settings/info etc are the same as his.
My husband went off to work this morning and it did not capture him, alert, notify…nothing…It says that we have no events
Please help

Hi @2oldhouse have you tried adjusting sensitivity of the cameras and/or tried a full reset of the system?

If neither resolve you would be best logging a support call with for further troubleshooting assitance.

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I had a similar issue earlier this year with my 2C camera. What I ended up doing was creating a “zone” for the camera to capture and record, and I just made the zone the size if the screen and ever since I did that it picks up and records any and all things within that zone. So maybe give that a try and see if it helps

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Thank you so much for the advice
We are trying everything


Thanks we have tried a reset and that seemed to work
However the alarm was on both cameras and the Homebase which was really load. We turned the alarm off & now it is not alerting again!!!

If you enable audio but set a low alarm level, do you start to receive alerts again?


We have tried all of the suggestions, Thank you
Including our friend suggesting geo fencing.
It is still working intermittently, worked fine yesterday and then nothing today, even though we have had several people come & go!!!
We have X3 cameras fitted and linked, one seems to work perfectly and the other two as & when