Problem with SoundCore Pro playing via bluetooth

Just today I bought SoundCore Pro and it has some problems while playing via bluetooth.

If I’m playing via youtube and play music on itunes then both the sound comes from the speaker (that’s what I expect). However, when I pause the music in itunes then both then none of the sound come from speaker (not even from youtube).

I tried by playing/pausing youtube but that didn’t work. In order to check if there’s any problem with my macbook, I connected to my another bluetooth speaker and it worked fine.

How to fix this problem?

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Did you check on your macbook if the soundcore pro was still connected through bluetooth after that happened?

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Interesting issue, @pawanagr!
I found this post that sounds somewhat similar to your issue (but Spotify instead of iTunes). Maybe give it a shot to see if it works?


@Flubber @TechnicallyWell Thanks for answering the questions. @pawanagr We contacted our engineers regarding the problem you mentioned, after testing the Pro speaker on our end, we didn’t reproduce this issue. If possible, would you please contact us via for more details? We will try our best to help you out ASAP. Thanks

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