Problem with eufy cam e

Hello. I have an issue with eufy cam e. When I want to install the second cam, I press the sync button on the cam, but no bip after 2 seconds. Nothing happen. Any idea ? I will have to return the cam otherwise. The first cam of the pack is working great.

And I have done all the firmware updates and reboots. Thx for yout help !

@Sebwca Have you tried giving the 2nd camera a full charge from the rear of the Homebase, kinda sounds like the battery is flat?

Thx for your time mate. Yep, already done a full full charge directly on the eufy base. Cam seems to be fully charged as the red charging led shit off. Really no idea. The first one works just perfectly. So not a wifi or network issue. I have changed the name of the base is the app ? Could it be an issue ? Or may be I should desinstall the base and reinstall everything ? But I am affrait to lose also the first cam.