Problem with connected devices to powecore 13000

I have problems to charge to little devices with my powercore13000:
when connecting both devices (2 little bluetooth audio transmitters with small capacities, 5V 0,2A connected via usb-c cables) they get charged for a few minutes, but the power bank always stops charging, before they are fully loaded.
By pressing the display button on the powerbank, chaeging starts again, but stops again after 5 minutes)

Any idea how to fix this?

It’s a known issue.

You have an old design of Powercore. When the power drain is very low , the Powercore automatically turns itself off. Newer designs of Powercore have a trickle charge mode, yours doesn’t.

These are your options:

  • (recommended) ignore it, your buds are likely very nearly fully charged anyway, they are trickle charging themselves when above 85% full. You can prove this to yourself by keep pressure power button on the Powercore for a few minutes and you’ll see the buds then get fully charged. Press the button every few seconds for a few minutes and you’ll then see.
  • connect something else at the same time which is wanting more power, say the buds and a phone.
  • (not worthwhile) buy a newer Powercore which supports trickle charge mode.
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I have the same issue with another powercore size and a competitor brand. Both are older models and do not do trickle charge. I generally just plug something else in with such as phone to charge up my earbuds or trickle charge devices.