Problem with charging Anker PowerCore Speed II 20000 mAh

Hello, today I bought Anker PowerCore Speed II 20000 mAh and I tried to charge it.
My question is, can I charge it with 5V/4A charger from my phone (One Plus 5). Actually this charger was plugged in the power bank about 6 hours with the original cable, and after that it was not charged at all.
After that I charge it with 5V/2A Samsung charger, and for now I think it’s ok and it’s charging, because the charger is hot.
Can you tell me please why I can’t use 5V/4A charger?

And one more question, is there some app that can show me how much mAh is charging my phone, from the power bank? I want to charge power bank and my phone as fast as it can.

Thank you in advance

OnePlus use a proprietary charging technology “Dash” charger which is based on OPPO VOOC. It is 5V 4A.

If you use the OnePlus charger with anything other than the proprietary bundled cable, it will default to 5V 2A.

The Powercore you just bought is a design over 2 years old, it is succeeded with newer faster charging versions. It can only recharge at 5V 2A so no other charger will recharge your Powercore any faster.

Many use Ampere app, but buying a USB meter would be better as the act of unlocking a phone screen to look at an App causes the power input to drop (thermal throttling)

Thank you for the answer.
1.When I’m charging my One Plus 5, I use the bundled cable, I’m plug it in the 18W USB port of Anker Power bank, and Ampere show me “Charging with 1200 mAh”.

2.Is there any other model Power Bank from Anker, witch can be charged faster?

3.What is the fastest way to charge my devices? (One Plus 5; Xiaomi mi A3, Huawei P Smart 2019, Wireless headphones, Portable speaker, some kind of battery for different things, not more than 4000mAh etc.)

Thank you in advance

It’s complicated.

There are standards such as USB, Power Delivery.

Then there are vendor phone specific non standard.

The non standard charging phones will default back to a slower charge speed when they don’t encounter their non standard chargers.

Some phone company worse than others in the ratio between their non standard and standard.

But in the case of portable chargers charging phones it isn’t that critical because there’s is always the standard of 5V 2A 10W. A typical phone has in the region of 10Wh to 15Wh cells, using a 70% efficiency therefore even at 10W you’re only looking at 1.5Hr to 2Hr to recharge the phone. As the phone typically has a battery life well above 1.5Hr-2Hr, means at 10W that’s plenty enough power into the phone to keep it charged or recharge it slowly, not as fast as their proprietary charging technology.

As the portable charger, by definition, is with you constantly, you don’t really lose anything.

So just buy the lowest cost portable charger which is reliable and has capacity to keep you going between times at wall socket.

Don’t trust Ampere, when you look at the screen, the phone ingests power slower. Only a USB meter can be trusted.

As you already bought a portable charger, I’d not buy anything more. If you hadn’t bought I’d be suggesting 10Ah Powercore 10000 PD Slim or 20000 PD essential as two sweetspots right now of value.

I think the Huawei support 18W PD but I know OnePlus doesn’t (10W) the others I don’t know if they support PD above 10W. But as I said, 10W is plenty sufficient in a portable charger.

I’m more concerned with the portable charger input to recharge itself, because if you get that wrong you can find it’s not recharged when you need to go. That is your 2nd question, and yes if you get the two I mentioned above and bought an 18W PD charger they’d recharge in less than 4h and 7h respectively.

Thank you for all information.
It is helpfull.